Why the Government is Protecting NYS & Ruaraka Scams Complicit Banks


    Looting of the tax-funded National Youth Service, and using public land in Ruaraka to steal from the taxpayers through unscrupulous means are the two trending crimes in the country right now.

    Money, huge amounts of money, in fact, billions of taxpayers money was stolen in the above greatest heists in history. The suspects have not yet been punished for even those who are supposedly “behind bars” aren’t actually. It’s all a show to dupe, fool, and stupefy taxpayers.

    For someone to steal huge amounts of taxpayers money as in the above cases, local banks must have provided a helping hand in ‘cleaning’ it. Money laundering is a criminal offense and no upright just system, or office of the director of public prosecutions can take such matters lightly.

    That the CEOs of banks that are suspects in both of the two heists and haven’t been arrested or prosecuted yet tells a lot about the office of Mr. Haji, the director of public prosecutions.

    Money was stolen and banks were used to clean the stolen money. Where is the list of the banks that abetted the theft? Where is the list of CEOs who helped move stolen money?

    There is clearly a plan to fool taxpayers yet again. The government doesn’t seem to have any interests in apprehending any suspect.

    Besides, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have never solved a single case, that is by nature, of public interest. This too will pass and people will forget about it just alike a burial in the village.

    As the general public demands answers regarding complicit banks, they shouldn’t forget that the thieves are just in the government. A mango doesn’t quite fall far from the tree.

    Maybe the government is the thief and taxpayers have been duped to expect that the thief is going to investigate themselves.

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