Why You Must Now Avoid Restaurants and Pay Particular Attention to the Foodstuffs You Buy.


    This country is flooded with contraband goods.

    Because of corruption and impunity, the government is unable to keep a tight reign on contraband dealers.

    With the new revelations that there is contraband sugar that is in circulation in the country, a lot of people are in danger of contracting strange illnesses. As long as a product is already labeled “Not for human consumption,” there shouldn’t be any imaginations that it can be consumed.

    It is sad that Kenyans are consuming an unknown number of commodities that are always so-labeled after production, yet packaged in misleading bags by deceitful dealers.

    The prominent sellers of contraband products are supermarkets. A lot of goods that flood the shelves of Kenyan supermarkets are arcanely contraband. For example, most of the honey sold in these supermarkets are often not pure honey although the labels would say so.

    The recently exposed contraband version of Kabras sugar now makes everyone question the genuineness of any bag of Kabras Sugar in any supermarket countrywide. Needless to say is the fact that there are certain commodities such as the very sugar and rice which some supermarkets use their brands for packaging. Because of the trust that customers have in them, they can just decide to sell foodstuffs that are unfit for human consumption in packages that they brand.

    The biggest loser in this invasion of contraband goods especially foodstuffs or ingredients for human food is the rich and the middle class. These often go to high-end restaurants some of which have notoriously bribed the various bodies that are in charge of standardization of goods. Once a contraband ingredient, for example, the now infamous Kabras Sugar, is used to prepare food, the person who eats it is exposed to unknown kinds of health-related complications

    All the government watchdogs have been compromised so badly that citizens are now exposed to uncountable health risks when the health ministry has already been looted dry. What a doomed nation!

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