Drama Teacher among Chief Suspects in Moi Girls Rape Saga as Shocking Details Emerge

Detectives have ordered a male teacher at Moi Girls’ School in Nairobi to take a DNA test in connection with the rape of a student on Saturday night.

The man, whose identity is hidden for legal reasons is suspected to have, jointly with others, raped the girl on Saturday night inside her dormitory, and the DNA test will either place him at the scene of crime or exonerate him.

Such tests are important in  determining sexual violence cases as they allow forensic experts to compare the profile of a suspect against the evidence of bodily fluids found on the victim, and therefore, carry more weight in court than verbal submissions.

Shocking details emerged of how the teenage victim spent four hours sprawled on the floor of her hostel cubicle, alone, terrified and bleeding, after being raped by a man who was among a group of three who attacked terrified students right inside their dormitories.

Although other students raised  the alarm, the school principal and the matrons did not respond to the it until morning, when the victim was found on the cubicle floor.

The students said  that their colleague, a 15-year old Form 2, was raped at the Elgon Hostel at around 2am while two other students were assaulted by unknown persons.

And despite the students knocking several times on the matron’s door, they said, she responded only at 5am hours after the intruder had left.

“Three men entered the cubicle shared by four girls. One girl managed to escape unhurt. The men then attempted to rape two other girls but they escaped, although they were beaten. One attacker managed to rape one of the girls,” the students recounted.

When the three escaped, they said, they woke up the  girls in the other cubicles, raised the  alarm and went to the Matron’s house and tried to wake her up, but she did not open the door.

“We then returned to the hostel because we were scared. We could not sleep and we entered the cubicles that were near the exit. At 5am, the matron came and we told her about the incident and she called the guards and they all went to the cubicle where the victim was.

“She was found on the floor of the cubicle, bleeding and looked weak and too traumatised to talk, she was just crying. We do not know if she was gang raped or raped by one person,” a Form two student  said.

The student said that when the matron checked the girl and discovered that she had been raped, she administered first aid and then called for transport to take her to hospital.

“She came back later and asked us to continue with our normal schedule and act as if it is a normal day. She told us not to spread the news because it had not been confirmed,” another student said.

Several other teachers and staff who arrived at the school, the girl said, asked the students to be calm and dismissed the rape claim. Others alleged that the girls had been offered a scholarship in exchange for their silence on the rape.

“They told us that the hospital results  had shown that there was no rape. They told us we had been pretending and making up stories because we wanted an early mid-term. That we did not want to sit  exams,” a student claimed.

 (Credits, Daily Nation)

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