Details of Arrested NYS Bosses struggled to Call Uhuru, Boinett in Vain

    The arrest of NYS bosses as onslaught on loot and plunder intensifies has not been without drama.

    Some threatened to call Inspector General Joseph Boinnet. Others tried to reach President Uhuru Kenyatta all in vain for the law had caught up with them.

    Director General Richard Ndubai and his predecessor Sam Michuki spent Monday night in police custody over their links to the NYS scandal.

    The two are among 20 state officials and businessmen arrested by yesterday evening, expected to face charges of abetting corruption today.

    Detectives from the Flying Squad and Special Crimes Prevention Unit were deployed on Sunday night to hunt down NYS and state officials for being accomplices in the rip-off.

    Policemen arrived at Ndubai’s home shortly after 12.15am on Monday in four police cars. They were ushered in by Administration Police guarding the home after a brief explanation of their mission.

    Ndubai, who was already asleep, was informed of his visitors. At first, the former Permanent Secretary declined to come out of his bedroom, leave alone open the main door to his house.

    He made frantic efforts to reach top government officials to inquire about his arrest but none answered his calls. After a short while, he gave up and climbed into the back of the police Subaru, which took him to Gigiri police where he was booked.

    In the same leafy neighborhood, another team of police officers from the Flying Squad was raiding the home of Michuki, the former acting director general. He is alleged to have been in charge when the illegal transactions were carried out.

    Lilian and Ndubai

    Michuki, who was also asleep at 12.45am, was awakened by the commotion in his compound. He inquired from his balcony the identity of the strangers and was told they were police officers.

    Michuki together with his wife questioned the police on their mission. They threatened to call top government officials but the police would hear none of it. They bundled him into the back of their car and drove to Muthaiga police where he was locked up at around 1.15am.

    His wife and son followed behind to witness Michuki being locked up. His pleas to be allowed in with his pair of shoes and a shawl to keep himself warm were declined.

    A few kilometers from the Runda homes of the two suspects, another team of officers gained access to the palatial home of businessman James Thuta Nderitu at Muthaiga North estate.

    Muthaiga North is a residence of rich and powerful individuals. Thuita and Yvonne Wanjiku Ngugi were wanted by the police for pocketing Sh115 million of NYS money.

    Policemen arrived at around 12.20am in two cars and forced their way into the home. A furious Thuita and his wife are said to have awakened and demanded to know what the intruders were up to.

    They were informed that the night visitors were police officers whose mission was to pick them up.

    Thuita and Wanjiku were forced into the back of the police cars and driven to Muthaiga police station where they were booked, despite protests and threats to the police.

    Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji, who has brought a sense of purpose and urgency to the war on corruption, yesterday announced he had a watertight case against 64 suspects – individuals and companies in phase one of the crackdown.

    They include more than 40 public servants and 14 directors and proprietors of business entities that worked with the National Youth Service since 2013.

    They will be charged with conspiracy to commit offences of corruption and willful failure to comply with applicable procedures and guidelines on the management of public funds, among a plethora of crimes.

    Others are breach of trust, neglect of official duty, abuse of office, fraudulent acquisition of public property and fraudulent making of payments from public revenues.

    Business entities facing prosecution include M/S Annwaw Investment, Njewanga Investment, Arkroad Holdings Limited, Kunjiwa Enterprises, Ameri Trade Ltd, Ngiwaco Enterprises, JerryCathy Enterprises, Firstling Supplies Ltd, Kalabash Supplies Ltd and Ersatz enterprises.

    Directors include Anne Ngirita, Phyllis Njeri, Catherine Mwai, Antony Wamiti, Peter Kimani, James Thuita, Yvonne Ngugi, Jeremiah Ngirita, Lucy Ngirita, Andrine Nyambura, Catherine Kamuyu, Sarah Muguru, Samwel Kanai and James Katululu.

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