How Indians Have Pocketed the National Police Service & Immigration Department- A Painful Confession!

    The Painful Confession of a Kenyan Who Suffered in the hands of the two Outfits because of an Indian

    He tweets at @rasungu26
    “It is painful how the Indians have pocketed both @NPSOfficial_KE@ImmigrationDept.Just the other day an Indian, who was very drunk, jumped the pavement along Kenyatta Avenue and hit my car at a high speed. He quickly called an inspector from Kiambu police station…
    “An inspector who only introduced himself to me as David, immediately colluded with cops from Kilimani police station to frustrate me. First, they told this Indian guy not to talk to me and let them “cops” handle me.
    “David, the inspector, insisted that there were no injuries even after I complained of feeling pain in the head and chest. @FredMatiangi
    “The cops who were so fast in giving me an abstract kept on calling me to go and remove my vehicle from the police station not considering the fact that I was still seeking medication. In the abstract, no details of the accused driver only the insurance policy number they wrote.
    “At least I got this from Kilimani police station thanks to one officer called Miruka. @FredMatiangi @NPSOfficial_KE
    “I decided to seek medication before looking for justice from our courts. It’s very painful that a car I just bought on loan is now written off. As a matter of fact, my family depended on that vehicle. Because of a drunk Indian, I’m suffering
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