I Slept with 10 Women a Day and Used 50 Million on Witch doctors- Kenyan Politician shocks World With Confession

A Kenyan politician shocked the world when he confessed at a packed church how he used to sleep with over 10 women daily, earning the name ‘star’.

The former Councillor from Kilifi who identified himself as Lawrence Kazungu Kilambo said he, like many other politicians, used to seek the services of witch doctors to get charms to help him win elections.

In a chilling confession captured on video , Kilambo narrated how he at one point spoke one-on-one with the evil spirits in a bush in Tanzania.

In a frightening narration, Kilambo said he warned a witch doctor that he would beat him to a pulp if he could not make him win a parliamentary seat. After the stern warning, the witch doctor summoned the evil spirits which surfaced in the form of human face, donkeys, snakes and in other disturbing forms but he was so determined that he talked to them in a bush.

In a day, he said, he would sleep with a maximum of 10 women and now, he has over 20 children spread across different parts of the world with 10 women.

Kilabo was the Sokoni Ward Member of the County Assembly from 2013 to 2017 when he decided to go for the Kilifi North parliamentary seat but lost. His turning point happened when his lovely and enduring wife introduced him to televised sermons by Nigerian prophet TB Joshua.



Kilambo said he used about KSh 50 million to seek powers of the underworld and that it had impoverished him and left him wondering what his future would be like and thus the decision to seek deliverance. He started watching and praying while touching the screen of his television and accepted to repent and make amends with God. In early May, 2018, he travelled to Nigeria to the synagogue where he received his healing after he was prayed for by TB Joshua.

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