Police Raise Alarm Over New Cult Recruiting Campus Students, Students are Asked To Kill People They Love Most

    The DCI has warned the public about the ‘Young Blud Saints’ cult that is recruiting university students.

    In a statement today, DCI Director George Kinoti said the cults operations were within Nairobi.

    The police boss said the group’s followers are to sacrifice the people they love the most to prove their loyalty.

    Members believe there are three gods – the true, false and random gods.

    “They also believe that the random god is the one who fails them because he is not firm with his decisions and that his answers are not straight,” Kinoti said.

    “We urge parents to keep a keen eye on their children to deter them from being recruited to such evil organisations. We are closely monitoring the activities of the cult,” he added.

    The Director also advised parents to seek psychological guidance from professional counselors and religious institutions when they notice unusual changes in their children’s behavior.

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