Exclusive: Why the Soon-to-be Cyber-crime Act is a Safety Gear for Corrupt Leaders


    Kenya is under the leadership of some very bad people; hardcore white collar criminals who will do anything just to protect their evil deeds. These exist in the guise of politicians, and public servants. What happens when these people are allowed to just loot public funds and walk scot free?

    Members of parliament have decided to use their positions to drag Kenya backward. Through legislation and acts, they are taking this country to the dark days, which some of those who already left this world behind fought hard to deliver this country from-oppression!

    Set to become an Act soon, is a very retrogressive Computer and Cybercrime Bill of 2017, that the current Members of Parliament passed without any dissent, except a few bloggers who knew what it entails.

    What makes the soon-to-be Act is its twelfth clause, entitled False Publications. This, when looked closely, is meant to gag investigative independent bloggers so that they don’t unmask cartels and corrupt leaders. The clause is vague and lacks clarity. It only emphasizes on the ‘unusual’ and ‘harsh’ penalties for those found guilty of the same.

    The mainstream media of the land has lost its credibility. It has become a PR-spinning machine. Its so-called political discussions are nothing but sessions for gossiping about politicians. Independent bloggers have taken the mandate to keep the general public informed. They are doing so, risking their very lives, even as the very same rigged mainstream media brands them ‘controversial’.

    The Cybercrime Bill doesn’t specify or clarify as to what precisely amounts to an item of published information being ‘false,’ or ‘misleading,’ or even its most ridiculous descriptions, ‘fictitious’. It seems that the interpretations of the same have been placed in the hands of the compromised Judiciary, which in essence serves the highest bidder.

    The fines are so ludicrous that any fearless blogger would have to some point give up their moral obligation of keeping the public informed. The fines are set to be at a maximum of five million shillings, with an alternative of an imprisonment not exceeding two years.

    Most Kenyans love paying fearless men and women lip-service when their hearts and souls are truly owned by the very same people who oppress them- misleaders! They would not raise any funds to set free a blogger without having to gag him themselves.

    As this bill becomes an Act, each citizen is set to lose a lot. It is a protective gear for the rogue, thievish, corrupt, and devilish politicians.

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