Here is Why The Wealthy Kikuyu Prefer Gideon Moi to William Ruto to Succeed Uhuru

Wealthy Mount Kenya businessmen have joined forces with influential politicians connected to the top echelons of power in a scheme to ensure Baringo senator Gideon Moi succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta.

As part of the high stakes plot to scuttle Deputy President William Ruto’s ambition, some Jubilee MPs, mostly from Rift Valley, have begun warming up to the Baringo senator.

The team strategising how to re-arrange the succession and switch the central Kenya vote from the DP reportedly comprises of two principal secretaries, a former governor, a sitting governor and a member of an influential political family.

The clique has held several meetings in the past few months, the last being at a high-end hotel situated along the boundary of Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

The two PSs head strategic ministries while the governor who mostly chairs the meetings, and recently hosted one at his rural home, has not had a rosy relationship with Ruto.

A Jubilee governor from South Rift, two sitting MPs from Nakuru and Baringo counties, and a former governor aspirant from North Rift have also started working with Gideon.

The businessmen who want to influence the Uhuru succession see Gideon as their “club member who will secure their business empires if he is at the helm”.

By comparison, they view DP Ruto — the hustler turned millionaire — as an emerging threat and “intruder in the club out to upset the status quo” and who will not cater for “their business interests”.

They claim that in just five years that Jubilee has been in power, Ruto has aligned himself to, and become the patron of, a new crop of young businessmen who have amassed wealth and taken up major government contracts at their expense.

Several sitting MPs have also been roped into the plot which is now being linked to the handshake deal.

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