Kenyans are Divided along Virtual Lines- A Hindrance to Nationhood


A united Kenya cannot be misled by illiterate, incompetent, corrupt, and lying politicians as is the case now. It is impossible to rule a united country the way one just chooses to. Consider this from the biblical Tower of Babel. According to the story, a united humanity decides to build for themselves a tower (capital of a city) whose pinnacle reaches the heavens. Seeing the power of their unity, God confounds their language so that they can no longer understand each other and continue with the work. It is so with Kenya except slightly different.

Kenyans are speaking completely different languages that they cannot understand each other. The languages are not merely ethnic but also sociological and quite psychological too. They cannot come together and achieve one mission as a whole.  Some feel they are more special than the others because of their social class, education, the area of residence in the city, the means of transport, certain privileges and so on. That feeling of being special has created a virtual boundary which is so real that Kenyans cannot have a common interest. Politicians know that and are capitalizing on it.

It is a fact that this country has a good number of billionaires, filthy rich people who most of the political heat waves don’t often seem to bother. The infrastructural dysfunctionality caused by bad governance also doesn’t seem to bother them. However, between the extremely rich and poverty-stricken citizens, is sandwiched a large number of middle-class. These are living good lives and are earning a substantial amount of salaries; they are the taxpayers upon whom the running of the government depends.

However, they have let that unreliable state of wealth (because it always costs just a little calamity to make them poor again) blind them and forsake their brothers and sisters. When the State squanders public funds that are meant to develop the country’s drainage system, and floods destroy public roads (which they also use), they get affected just like everyone else. As a matter of fact, their cars always get carried away by the floods. When the state allows Cartels to toy with precious resources like water, and electricity, they also get overcharged and suffer rationing just like every other poor person. The list of misfortunes they also endure just like the low-class citizens is long. So, they are no different from the poor folks.

Without the artificial lines of differences and languages, Kenya would undergo positive changes. Imagine a united middle-class and low-class that holds demos to demand; that lecturer’s CBA is actualized, that teachers are paid well, that doctors are paid their dues, that corrupt leaders are fired and expelled from public service, and so on. That kind of unity would make this country ungovernable by bad leaders. Perhaps, Kenyans should come together, destroy the artificial lines that make them speak different languages and build for themselves a tower whose pinnacle reaches the State House.

Unlike the people of Babel, God has allowed Kenyans to have a common language; Kiswahili. So, the existing misunderstanding is because of an artificial language, a virtual line of division.

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