Why another Jubilee Presidency Spells Doom

Democracy can be defined in terms of presidential term limits. The Kenyan constitution allows for only two terms for the president. However, the presidents who have been in power in this country have always forced their way through to the two terms. Actually, if only they had the means and some black magic, stronger than bad breath, they would have lengthened their stay in the State House.

However, Kenyan political parties tend to have oppressive doctrines that extend to their successive leaders. How different will the next Jubilee President be from President Kenyatta? He has often been accused, by many Mount Kenya politicians, of interference and that should show you the guts this man has, the guts to go overboard. Jubilee’s highly hyped and coveted presidency will be an extension of Jubilee’s dictatorial rule, and perhaps truly ruthless and furious one; it will bring its lack of press freedom, conflict, and instability.

Press freedom is actually a thing of the past. The mainstream media is already fully captured by the State, allegedly infiltrated with the State’s spy agents. They identify dissenting voices and silence them. So, the press freedom that will fall victim of the next Jubilee presidency will be that of independent bloggers, who have authoritatively replaced the fallen and compromised mainstream media. It is these that he will come after with full force, illegal laws, and gag orders.

Conflict is most often associated with an indefinite rule. Jubilee’s next presidency will actually be an indefinite rule except that it will be by another person. The truth is even if President Kenyatta were to shake the hands of the biblical Moses or Samuel; his party, Jubilee, has consistently done sociologically detrimental activities such as ethnic divisions and assassinations. Another Jubilee presidency will perpetuate that.

The consequences of indefinite worsen with time even leading to instability in the country and that is never good for business. The reason is that citizens get tired and revolt, and soon the whole nation plunges into chaos, if not in reality then in form of tensions. Jubilee’s scorecard shows unimaginable success in tension, economic sabotage, and insecurity. Another Jubilee presidency will only perpetuate the instability and that is retrogressive.

Kenyans must make up their minds and choose press freedom, peace, stability, and progress.

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