Hustler Under Siege: Why Ruto Was Denied Meeting With Mzee Moi After Waiting For Hours

    Self acclaimed hustler DP William Ruto’s political clout is being eclipsed by unfortunate incidences that have left him and his team sleepless.

    The latest embarrassment was when yesterday he landed at former President Daniel Arap Moi’s home in Kabarak but was denied meeting with the retired President.

    Ruto flew unannounced to Kabarak airstrip within the former president’s farm in Nakuru County at around 11.50am without his security detail, but in the company of Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter, Ainaboi MP William Chepkut and lawyer Stephen Kipkenda.

    Given that there were no prior arrangements, there was nobody at hand to receive the DP. And since there was no car either, the Deputy President and his team had to walk to Moi’s compound.

    The entourage was welcomed for lunch, but left when it became apparent they would not see their host. The guests were told they could make an appointment to see the former president another day.

    After hours of waiting, they left.

    His team led by State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi launched scathing attacks at Gideon Moi claiming he was behind Ruto’s embarrassment at Kabarak and that he “hid” his father.

    Mzee Moi’s office released a statement over the issue explaining why Ruto could not meet Moi.

    “Unfortunately, this coincided with the time Mzee Moi was undergoing routine physical exercise with his doctors. Mzee Moi agreed to meet the visitors at convenient time another day in the very near future,” a statement from the office of the former President read in part.

    Tiaty MP Kassait Kamket who is a KANU stalwart said Ruto’s unannounced visit should be investigated claiming it amounted to trespass to invite someone to another person’ home without the home owner’s permission.

    “Trespass is criminal in law, you do not invade someone’s home as if it is a toilet,” Kassait said.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga have in the past separately visited Moi, but their visits were elaborately planned in consultation with the former president’s office.

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