Cowsoko mobile app set to act as middleman between cow sellers and buyers

Victor, a former student from Egerton University has managed to come up with a mobile platform which will bridge the gap between a cow seller and the buyer.  The mobile phone application allows sellers to take pictures of the animals they want to sell, upload the images with matching descriptions and price tags then share on various social media platforms.

In the same fashion, potential buyers are furnished with the information through the mobile app. Once any of them shows interest, the application automatically sends in notification to the seller who then gets in touch with the buyer through a phone call or an SMS.

The platform which has already employed 35 people on a permanent basis and several others on temporary basis allows sellers to post images and descriptions of their breeds for free but charges an annual fee of Sh5, 000 and an additional fee of 2.5 per cent of the animal’s selling price. Once they have agreed on the selling price, the seller pays Cowsoko the commission via M-Pesa.

However, upon realization that farmers would still grapple with finding reliable information on how best to care for their livestock, Victor introduced another service linking new clients to seasoned dairy farmers. This would help in the identification of various products and services needed to make available before setting up a dairy farm.

The platform currently enjoys a user base of about 10, 000 people spread across Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Somalia. It also scooped the first runners-up position in the 2016 Israeli-Kenya Agri-challenge. So far, the app is responsible for breed sales of over Sh250, 000 per head.


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