Kikuyu Hegemony Hate Monger Mutahi Ngunyi Predicts How Uhuru, Raila will fall out

    Tyranny of numbers choir master Mutahi Ngunyi has come up with yet another pedestrian analysis on why fallout between new buddies Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta is imminent.

    In his political Vlog analysis titled why Referendum Will Happen. Handshake No Handshake, Ngunyi claimed that deal between the two leaders will end in a disarray.

    “The handshake is just a commercial break. It will not last and we must not lie to ourselves or to our leaders. We must tell them the truth that we do not believe these handshakes stories,” he said.

    Ngunyi a touted hate monger who has thrived on basing Raila said the referendum will be the sensitive process that will sharply divide Uhuru and Raila opining that the two will differ over the process that intends to change the constitution and include various Executive positions such as the Prime Minister’s post.

     “I discern a disaster in this handshake because god put a defeated Raila in the hands of Uhuru but Uhuru decided to spare Raila.”

    “And in my view, this was a bad choice. Because the referendum will finish the handshake and the fall out between these two men will be a disaster,” he said.

    Raila has been calling for the establishment of a three-tier government as one of the ways of finding lasting solutions to the problem posed by the sizes of the devolved economies, a call that if heeded to will mean that the country will have to go into a referendum to make changes to the Constitution.

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