KRA officials arrested in connection with drug trafficking

Three KRA customs officials were arrested yesterday in connection with drug trafficking. According to reports, illegal drugs worth Sh35 million were seized after an investigation revealed a complex trafficking syndicate at Eldoret International Airport.

The investigation that lasted over a month also revealed that senior KRA officials were involved in the network that trafficked the highly addictive Mandrax from Dubai to Kenya under disguise as multivitamin capsules.

According to media reports the  KRA officials prevented Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives from accessing their stores where the drugs were kept. This resulted in the dispatch of the General Service Unit officers had to be dispatched from Nairobi.

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwaga said the consignment was destined for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) from Dubai, but was diverted to Eldoret. He further added that the consignment was impounded at the airport following its suspicious nature.

In a media report detailing the operations of the syndicate, the KRA officials would be tipped when the consignment arrives. They would then flag it as soon as it is offloaded under the ruse of lack of payment of duties. Immediately it is offloaded, they would flag it, claiming duty has not been paid and, therefore, seize it immediately and take it to their stores.

The clearing agency, too, is under investigation after a paper trail established that it had handled similar consignments before over a number of years.



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