The Bullfighter Responds to Raila Odinga’s Jibe at Him

Ladies & gentlemen, on the first day of the Devolution Conference in Kakamega, Gov Oparanya took to the live TV address to inform Kenyans that I was only fit to serve as a county bullfighting officer. The following day, Sen Malala & Rt Hon Raila were on my case! With the former purposing that he can hold me by my private parts & the later likening me to an ungrateful son who doesn’t respect his father’s catch after a hunting episode! As if it was not enough, Hon Eugine Wamalwa has today revisited the bullfighting stereotype.
1) Am proud of our culture & as such, I have no apologies to offer to them or anyone!
2) Raila is now talking of sharing hunted game. This is the same nusu mkate that he repeatedly told us that was not on his agenda!
3) I was not an agenda item at the Devolution Conference but they are all in panic mode because of the forthcoming FORD Kenya/ANC fusion!
Keep the faith!
We have made tremendous progress. Tsunami!

Dr Boni Khalwale, MBChB, CBS
Deputy Party Leader FORD Kenya

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