Is Gor Mahia Fan Club Turning Into A Den Of Thugs? Woman Gives Painful Experience

    The love for the most celebrated local club Gor Mahia knows no boundaries , it has cost others their lives.

    Yesterday, a grisly accident saw three fans who had hung on a matatu smashed to death when the vehicle hit another in Mlolongo.

    The death stirred conversation on how reckless the youthful supporters have become and it is a pity while in full regalia have tuned the respectable fans support into hooliganism.

    One lady narrated how they almost killed her at Tom Mboya stature in the Nairobi CBD

    13 hrsNairobi

    Onge gima litna ni joluo wadwa Maya kendo ka aloso kode gi Dholuo. Supporters mag Gor Beduru Joma beyo. Ne adhi romo gi friends Moko archives ka wadhi e Liel moro kangemi kasto akadho bath Tom mboya statue.. Supporter Mar Gor moro by the name #PPO ogweya ma adwa lwar.. Ka apenje gima omiyo ogweya obaya gi chupa Mar Kongo motore matindo tindo kasto wadgi Moro ni #Fazul be join go.. Kaeto gikawo Kongo mar Changa giolo e wiya kamol e denda. To Seche go aloso gi Dholuo ka apenjo kosana. Gichako yuayo bagna gi dwaro Maya.. Amako bag matek kagoyo nduru eka giweya. Supporters Moko to obet abeta rango. Yawa be itimo ga Kamano?#Fazul gi #PPO case ni pok orumo.. Uchopne gi ote ni….onge tiende kwalo ji town ka udhi e game Mar Gor. Gino pod rama.

    Translated as..

    “There is nothing as painful as being stolen from by my fellow luo and doing so while I plead in Luo. Gor Mahia supporters, be good people.

    Went to meet some friends at Archives from where we were to proceed to a funeral in Kangemi then I passed next to Tom Mboya stature..Two supporters known as PPO and Fazul kicked me and I almost fell, then they poured chang’aa on me and all this while, I was speaking in Luo asking them what was my crime.

    They began pulling my bag, I held on tight and screamed ad that is when they let go…

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