Is Orengo Silently Plotting Against Raila Over Luo Succession Politics?

    When Raila Odinga met President Uhuru Kenyatta at Harambee house, many, including close confidantes of the duo were stunned just like the common Kenyans.

    William Ruto watched from his office Window while Raila only had his daughter Winnie Odinga and Junet Mohamed with him aside from his lawyer.

    Granted, the handshake that followed the meeting did not augur well with a number in Luo Nyanza especially following the mistreatment of NRM general Miguna Miguna.

    But it has now emerged that others might be using it to champion for a succession debate even as rumors continue to swirl that Odinga might be contemplating hanging his political gloves.

    When later Siaya Senator James Orengo dismissed the handshake, many thought it was because of the frustrations his client Miguna had been subjected to.

    However, sources privy to details claim “Ajimy” is out to grab the Luo Kingship mettle from Raila.

    Word has it that despite numerous warnings from Raila against removing Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula as Minority leader of the Senates, Orengo went ahead and plotted the Coupe.

    He is allegedly aggrieved over being kept in the dark because of the handshake.

    “He was the one who advised baba against the repeat elections” the source revealed. Wetangula in an earlier statement on why he ditched Raila also claimed that the decision to boycott the repeat elections was made at the ODM level and that as co-principals, they agreed albeit begrudgingly.

    Only yesterday, he referred to Uhuru as illegitimate following the resignation of three IEBC Commissioners, a sentiment that seems to go against the spirit of moving the Country forwards as the handshake aimed at doing.

    Insinuations are equally rife of night meetings with the ‘enemy’ and though the quiet undertones were recently hushed out after a meeting at Capital hill, all might not be rosy.

    The succession debates in Luo is a discourse being discussed in hush tones especially since the King (Odinga) is still on the throne despite signs that he might resign to being a king maker in the forthcoming and subsequent elections.

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