Why Julius Malema did not Acknowledge Zuma at Winnie Mandela’s Funeral

A Profound Message to Africa


The burial of Queen mother, Winnie Mandela, was not only filled with as countless people as the sand of the sea, but also the most deep speeches of all times in the history of African orators. Julius Sello Malema, South Africa’s modern liberator, carried the day with his emotional cum vehement speech; partly poetic, partly political, and generally a tribute to the late Mama.

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As he bid Mama farewell, he did not just speak from his heart, he spoke the truth. In his tribute to the celebrated South Africa’s single-handed liberator who braved betrayals from her very own people, he did not fail to point out to the hypocritical politicians of South Africa that they were sell-outs; he told them to their faces.

The most notable aspect of his exemplary speech is that, he failed to acknowledge the presence of the former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, even though he was in attendance in the capacity of a respected former president. Mr. Malema worked tirelessly to see that Zuma resigned because of the latter’s incompetence and neo-colonialism. That is just how far Mr. Malema went to prove his point that, he would never come to terms with corrupt people, neo-colonialists, and would never acknowledge them.

The underlying message in Malema’s failure to acknowledge the presence of Zuma is not insignificant. It is not just some political literary skill of orators. It is a deeply profound message to Africa- under no circumstances should anyone acknowledge a former or incumbent president who destroys a country’s economy. As the Holy Book states that there is no peace for the wicked, there should never be any mercy for politicians who drag Africa backwards.

Kenya, for instance, has been celebrating murderers, land grabbers, con-artists, lords of negative ethnicity, and founders of retrogressive education systems- naming institutions after them in their honor. That tiny aspect of Malema’s speech could perhaps be the  biggest message to Africa, that there is never accepting and moving on in the quest for complete liberation. There is never shaking hands with the enemies of the people. In that tiny aspect of Malema’s speech, Africa should be able to see opposition chiefs who are sell-outs.

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