Larry Madowo’s Exit Elaborates Kenya’s Journalistic Death

The Kenyan Mainstream media is dead. It’s been gagged by a rogue regime, having infiltrated it with intelligence officers to edit editorial desks. Kenyans can no longer rely on it for any accuracy whatsoever except in ‘un-African’ and retrogressive showbiz stories.

This dictatorial government’s efforts have always been to keep it’s rogue activities off the media. Television discussions and newspaper articles that criticize its heinous acts have successfully been removed off the screens and leaves.

Caption: BBC’s appointment of Larry Madowo. [Image: Courtesy]

Don’t blame the government alone. The United Kingdom and United States also have their hands on it. These nations pretend to support Kenya’s course to democracy, but they actually perpetuate social injustice.

Take BBC News Africa (the colonial news-wheel-spinner) for instance. When Kenyan outspoken political journalists are gagged, denied the freedom of expression by State, they hire them in totally different departments that really mean nothing to African nations. The problem of Africa is political, and every journalistic outlet like BBC News Africa, that claims to keep Africa informed on things that matter, must do just that.

Why couldn’t BBC News Africa have offered Kenya’s finest political shows producer and moderator, Larry Madowo, a platform to raise his political voice- the exact desperate journalistic output that Kenyans really need?

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The West has been controlling Africa for many years, even post independence. Africa, blessed with natural resources, has always been their wealth mine. The West lives on corruption and poor governance in Africa. Western countries, therefore, invest in dictators and rogue leaders. They bribe opposition leaders with offers that are too good to decline. In their endeavor to hide their hypocrisy about helping Africa to move forward, they also bribe outspoken and otherwise stranded political journalists, with lucrative jobs that turn a blind eye on Africa’s major problem, politics.

BBC News Africa‘s appointment of Madowo as their new Business Editor is an example of re-assigning a thorough cop so that he doesn’t reveal criminal boss’ skeletons.

Africa will only move forward if and only if her political system is fixed, and that cannot happen when facts are ignored, serious discussions swept under the carpet, and good journalistic cops get re-assigned!

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