IEBC: Who is in charge? Confusion reigns as Chebukati is rendered a Toothless dog that barks but cannot bite.

    Kenyan Report correspondent –

    The wrangles within the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) seem to be taking a rather awkward turn in what is quickly developing into competing interests if not power struggle.

    Following the disputed poll results in August 2017, during which the Supreme Court ruled for a repeat election, IEBC chairman tried in vain to implement measures to clean the house that would have seen CEO Ezra Chiloba suspended if not sacked.

    However, his efforts were rendered futile by a commission that was not ready for change. It’s even bizarre to know that the Vice chairlady of the Commission Connie Maina can single handedly overrule the chairman in any decision that he makes.

    As if what happened in 2017 wasn’t enough, the chairman’s suspension of Ezra Chiloba for the second time last week was overruled by the Vice Chair lady yesterday. Infact, she wrote a letter to the CEO asking him to resume his duties in direct disregard of the Chairman executive authority. The boldness with which she has openly disregarded the chairman begs the question, who is in charge of IEBC? What powers does the Chairman have?

    Ezra Chiloba, the man loved and loathed my many, displayed a level of arrogance underserving for a public servant in the run up to the 2017 general election. Kenyans will remember his “Tharee” (thirty) American accent twist during his press briefings while not forgetting that he is also a ladies man.

    It is believed that Chiloba’s relationship with chairman Chebukati went down south following the bungled August 2017 election. Having been appointed chairman a few month to elections, Chebukati was in the dark about the day to day running of the IEBC. Infact, it appeared as if it was Chiloba was the CEO and IEBC chairman all in one.

    During press briefing, it was Chiloba who would answer most of the questions while Chebukati stood next, appearing clueless.

    In a Memmo that was leaked to the media and addressed to the CEO Ezra Chiloba, the IEBC chair wrote 10 questions which he demanded answers from the CEO.

    A look at those questions indicated that the CEO was not in the picture when major decisions regarding the poll were made. It became public knowledge that the chairman’s password and user name had been used multiple times to access the server. How this was possible, the Chairman didn’t know. It is believed that it was the stolen password that was used to rig elections by manipulating results.

    It appears as if the power struggle between Connie Maina and Ezra Chiloba on one axis while Chiloba and others on the opposite axis is beyond what meets the eye. It remains to be seen how things unfold at IEBC when the chairman returns from his official trip in Nigeria.

    For the rest of Kenyans, this drama is unlikely to end. The seven member commission is short of one member following the abrupt resignation of Dr. Roselyn Akombe. The impasse and power struggle will still remain until a seventh commissioner is appointed to break the stalemate. This current wrangles are doing little to repair the damage and the low confidence Kenyans have in IEBC.


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