Marry as many as your pocket permits- Kiambu Women Representative to Kikuyu men

    Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba has asked men from the Kikuyu community to marry as many wives as their pockets permit. This, she says, is with a view to curb the number of children brought up in the absence of their fathers. The move, according to her, will provide a solution to social problems among the youth.

    Ms. Wamuchomba said men, who sire children with different women should consider taking them as their additional wives. She further defended her statement by adding that a polygamous marriage is not a crime but a way of culture. The women representative is of the opinion that most of the youth in the community indulging in alcohol as well as the street children are in those situations for lack of good upbringing.

    Absconding fathers

    According to her, if revisiting polygamy will be the solution, it should be explored. Ms Wamuchomba spoke at Violence Recovery Centre at Wangunyu in Karura, Kiambaa sub county. She was there to launch a program to rehabilitate alcoholic addicts. She said most young people who showed up only spoke of their mothers. This, she noted, is an indication that their fathers abandoned them, adding that most of their predicaments are associated with lack of parenthood.



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