Revealed: Miguna Miguna’s Biggest Obstacles


Dr. Miguna Miguna, the NRM-Kenya General, is perhaps the political savior Kenya has been praying for. According to him, this country can only be saved if and only the whole regime is ejected from power. He is does not fear death, speaks the cold truth without fear of anyone, and firmly maintains that this government is illegitimate. When he steps in the land, over 400 heavily armed security officers are deployed to restrain him. He is this government’s nightmare and the force that can remove it from power. However, he might not deliver Kenya because of the powerful obstacles discussed below.

Threatened Government Agencies

The offices of the Inspector General of police and Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Interior, and the Immigration department have significantly violated Miguna’s rights. The people that occupy those offices have their self interests- specifically their jobs, and reputation hanging on the balance. If the law clears Miguna then they are all going down. Knowing that, they have formed a formidably dangerous alliance to keep off the General.

The Orange Democratic Movement & NASA

There is a group of self-serving individuals in ODM who are looking forward to replacing H.E. Raila Odinga. NASA Coalition also has a group of dangerously egocentric people who wish to be endorsed for presidency. These two forces are threatened by Miguna’s impeccable steadfastness and legendary fearlessness. They are jealous of him. Amidst them is another group of Odinga’s sycophants. Knowing how Miguna’s very life has a way of exposing embarrassing things, they feel that Odinga’s legacy and reputation is threatened. They must do everything to keep off Miguna and protect the legacy of ‘Baba’.

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Personality Issues

The general has a serious problem as regards the way he interacts with people. Many of his aides who later abandon often complain that he is a man with humongous ego, and a fierce arrogance. They also say that he cannot be advised- something that makes him an extremist, unpredictable, dangerous and explosive. He thus doesn’t have a social capital.


Kenyans are still playing the ‘Call and Response’ politics. For Kenyans to take it to the streets, they must get a specific call only. That is why no matter how loud Miguna will shout from the top of his voice and from the rooftops, or write in scarlet up in the sky to ask people to demonstrate, they will not. It’s simply so because Miguna doesn’t have that specific call on his side. It therefore makes his course look like a futile one man race to heroism. He is facing the ODM Party, NASA coalition, and the ruthlessly evil government alone- he simply cannot win, and so Kenya still loses.

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