The General To Be Released After Raila’s Intervention At Dawn.

Kenyan Report—

The NRM General Dr Miguna Miguna is being processed for entry into the country, this has been occasioned by intense lobbying by the Peoples President who was openly angered by the manner in which Miguna Miguna was mishandled by the General service unit last night. These interventions happened in the early hours of Tuesday.

The Kenyan Report has authentic information to the effect that the man from Sugoi village must have been the one who ordered the unlawful deportation, but has since been overruled, this was occasioned by his hate for the handshake that took Place on March 9th, 2018 and so he was taking advantage of his boss’s absence at night to exercise power illegitimately.

We at the Kenyan Report would like to wish the General well and a safe stay in Kenya. Viva!

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