5 odd signs you are intelligent

Intelligence Quotient is something people keenly seek. As such most tend to take IQ tests to determine their level of intelligence. The tests are usually a combination of both logical creative problems only meant to make sense to the chosen few. However, I am here to tell you that there are other simpler ways than finding an identical shape or solving a problematic sum;

The ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’

Do you consider yourself intelligent? Apparently people who are above average intelligence don’t tend to think they are clever – but stupid people do. Basically, Dunning and Kruger research findings reveal that those who overestimate their abilities tend to perform the worse.

You enjoy sick jokes

Family Guy, Adventure Time, Archer, et all. If you are a fan of these and other ’sick’ cartoons you just might be highly intelligent. Research from the University of Vienna showing that sick joke fans tend to score higher on verbal and nonverbal intelligence. This is because according to the research, humor processing involves cognitive as well as affective components. In short, getting a joke requires intelligence.

You’re physically lazy

You want to go to the gym- someday. No hurry whatsoever to go on that morning run. And suddenly Netflix just seems like the better option. Studies have found that physical laziness might actually be a sign that someone is a deep thinker. The watching of Netflix serves as mental entertainment which in turn flexes the brain. Brain flexing = intelligence.

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You have used illegal drugs

It is highly undisputed that intelligent people don’t necessarily do the most intelligent things. Psychoactive drugs fall under that category.  Studies show that children with high IQs are more likely to struggle with alcohol abuse.  More surprisingly, researchers found that in women, higher IQ scores meant a higher risk of using cannabis, amphetamines, magic mushrooms and cocaine.

You don’t post ‘inspirational’ messages on Facebook

A study linked people who are receptive to Facebook post full of heavy statements and quotes to low intelligence. Essentially, some of the statements have been found to lack in meaning. Motivational books might as well fall under this category as well. Those who tend to do this have also been found to believe in conspiracy theories.

Now, don’t you feel more intelligent now that you know? An intelligent person would already know.


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