Vladimir Putin secures another six years in power

Vladimir Putin has managed to secure yet another 6-year term in power. With almost all the ballots counted, the central election commission said he had received more than 76% of the total. The main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, could not vie owing to an embezzlement conviction that he accused the Kremlin of manufacturing.

The victory margin which had been widely predicted –  is a marked increase in his share of the vote from 2012, when he won 64%. Mr Putin’s nearest competitor, millionaire communist Pavel Grudinin, received about 12%.

A state exit poll put the turnout at over 60%. Mr Putin’s campaign had hoped for a large turnout, to give him the strongest possible mandate.

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Election irregularities

On the other hand, according to media reports there are video recordings from polling stations showing irregularities in a number of towns and cities across Russia. Several showed election officials stuffing boxes with ballot papers.


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