Political Obsession: The Leverage of Kenyan Politicians

Caption: A Scene in Game of Thrones where slaves call Khaleesi, "Mother." [Image: Internet]

In the world of emotions, about which politics is, there’s love and then there’s obsession.

Love is blind. Nevertheless, the blind can still see through Braille. Students in Public Universities in Kenya will tell you that their blind colleagues move freely, even without assistance, on their campuses and none has ever been reported lost. In the same way, even those in love can still see if they truly want to.

Then there’s obsession, and this is a type of love that possesses one like a legion of demons. Obsessed people have no control over anything. Whatever they call ‘love’ bridles their tongues, veils their faces, and dictates every little aspect of their lives. This is a catastrophic blindness that chops off your fingers and toes so that you can’t even read Braille. What most Kenyans feel for their ethnic warlords cum political leaders is not love but obsession, and it has cost them fortunes, destinies, and wasted their precious time.

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Politicians are manipulators. That is why during their campaigns they hire data companies like Cambridge Analytica to help them manipulate voters like statistics. They will sift your psychology like wheat. They will make you ignore real issues and consider their empty platitudes.

It is noble to be enthusiastic about politics. However, it is dangerous to be obsessed with politicians, because it gives them the power to use you. It makes you delusional about their falsely branded “War for democracy” or “Struggle for Nationhood” campaigns. At the end of the day, adverse political parties will shake hands and that will have squared it all out for them; while you will sink in eternal abyss of poverty, with a strangled hope for true democracy, justice, or equity.

The bottom line is your time is precious and so is your life for which you have only one chance. Rallying behind a politician obsessively is like chasing the mirage to get drinking water- you’ll never reach it and you’ll thirst to death. True justice can only be achieved by resolved citizens who are self-driven.

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