Kenyans’ Shocking Reactions to Kirubi’s Sickness!


Kenya’s multi-billionaire, Chris Kirubi, is apparently sick!

A photograph of the weak billionaire apparently got leaked to Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). Instead of wishing the tycoon quick recovery, KOT are trolling the ailing corporate emperor. Among the cold truths they are telling the world about him is his involvement in socially detrimental activities like supporting electoral theft and looting public corporations dry.

Below are sample tweets

They are also using him as a case study to prove that money cannot buy life. Support from KOT can be rejuvenating. On the other hand, the damage their trolling can do is better imagined than experienced.

Is KOT justified to troll an ailing old man?

Kenyans have had such moments in the past where sick billionaires are trolled, and the dead ones sent to hell. The latest one was the death of Nicholas Biwott. He was a filthy rich politician and billionaire, most feared by his peers and everyone else. He was considered far much dangerous than the dictator, Daniel Moi. When he died, Kenyans trolled him proper and dumped him in hell.

Is it impossible to be a loved billionaire or Kenyans just feel jealous of these wealthy folks?

The case of Jacob Juma reveals that it is possible to be a billionaire, and a darling of the people at the same time. The late Juma was a tycoon and a whistle blower who never kept quiet about social injustice. He was assassinated for that and the whole country was bereaved.

Chris Kirubi, on the other hand, was among the influential people who anchored the August 8th shameless facade. He is in the cohort of billionaires who use their financial influence to perpetuate social injustices.

It is possible to be wealthy and loved by the people. It all boils down to how one uses their financial influence in the society. Unfair billionaires don’t deserve remorse. Just like they worship money and disregard  every other person, they should turn to money for consolation. KOT might be right on this one.



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