By Roeny Owino——

    When a rich fecund well from which, a civilisation quenches its thirst dries up, one gets to know the essential worth of water.
    It is the reason the literature of men and that of nation States must not be told from tribal undertones, mendacity or prejudices. But on blatant openness and stark honour.


    When fickleness is a normal etiquette among ken of men, it becomes the idiom of the society.
    NASA Coalition’s push for electoral and political hygiene became foolhardy when the noble Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula became Ingenious agents of political espionage.
    The trio met the fat cats in Jubilee Party, leaked Coalition resolutions in expectation of recompense and danced to Jubilee’s whims in a bid to sabotage People’s Assembly and any move that would have challenged the existence of a political order that had defrauded the collective bargain of voters.
    This thing despairingly dubbed a political struggle was a bluff gone sour.


    Raila Amollo Odinga, politician: born 1945, Nyanza; Minister of Energy 2001-2002; Minister of Roads, Housing and Public Works 2003-2005; Prime Minister of Kenya 2008-2013, Orange Democratic Movement.
    With the flippant fall of Raila Odinga, Kenya has lost its most colourful enigma and survivor from its heroic age of anti-one party nationalism and a father figure of its present parliamentary opposition.
    He is an adept if not cunning natural rebel, not a revolutionary. A distinction that the incumbent establishments have always appreciated and explored more clearly than the staunch support base that gives him a fanatical following.
    It would be truer and congruous to call him a conservative populist. More outspokenly if not blatantly honest than is wise in a politician and in no way a tactician.
    Gutted by poverty that has scourged majority Kenya’s rural homes, he has inspired widespread affection and respect in his use of romantic visions of a more egalitarian Kenya if not for all – Quest for Nationhood. A move that has earned him the sobriquet: a Socialist.

    To criticise the kleptomania of successive Kenya’s political establishments, no less than the implementation of the late Bethuel Kiplagat’s TJRC Report for individual and communal land reforms and recourse into Historical injustices, he has built a wheelbarrow of proposed changes to an ethnically kaleidoscopic project Kenya that seem to be a failing White settler phenomenon.
    In a political system that values impunity and the spoils of office more than consistency of vision, it is a remarkable tribute to his personality that he has retained the support of most of the Luo people, Kisii Highlands, Luhyia country, Coastal belt and those peopling other regions through all his long years in the political wilderness, from the false dawn of multi-party democracy, eventual demise of his father; Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, a short lived glee and hope in post KANU era, a crescendo of miseries of ethnic clashes in 2007 bungled elections, a new dawn of 2010 New Constitution dispensation. And now, a Saint Exupery turned a maverick turncoat in the eyes of some critics.
    It is true, Raila Odinga will rise in 2022. Not as a revolutionary. But as a rebel.

    Though he lost en-kare Nairobi gubernatorial bid in a landslide. He has endeared himself to compact majority electorate in post 26th October 2017 electoral flop.
    This is not a hollow sound bite. Miguna Miguna’s arrest, incommunicado, has painted him with the fine ink of martyrdom.
    Oaktree of vipaka grows from the okra of karma. Miguna Miguna has ransomed his way into joining men of the high table in the venison of Kenya’s political parlance. He shapes political opinions. He has won the moniker: astute general.
    He is a logician, revolutionary, academically savvy, pragmatic to a degree. And, with a good sense of personality to reach the bottleneck.
    Granted, opposition cartels and politicians who have incessantly exhibited ego so bloated will be forced to swallow a humble pie without demur and festoon Miguna Miguna like an opulent amalgam of contrasting ornament.
    I want to pull the wool over the eye. It is true Kenya has been arrested by prebendalism, malfeasance, monetised patronage, runaway plunder, ethnic jingoism, a strangled Devolution, untrammelled greed, unchecked impunity and distributive card of tribalism.

    It is also true, Raila Odinga has grown disillusioned with these attributes. He is no revolutionary and capitalistic adventurists running the political system have devised a way of confronting him, his effort to push for political change has more often frittered away with little fodder as the end product.
    Perhaps, Miguna Miguna’s revolutionary trait is Raila Odinga’s other missing brain.


    Bethuel Kiplagat led Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission report was birthed in post-National Accord that divided Executive powers into two halves.
    The document, upon completion of five-year spending and investigations, was discarded to the political dustbins for fear of opening old wounds.
    Uhuru and Raila handshake would not have happened if NASA was a united political Coalition.
    The boil has been lanced with a wooden splinter with an aim of draining the pus. Unfortunately, no one will suck the pus out.

    The festering boil with being redressed despite the new wound.

    A five-year-old researched document was discarded for fear of opening old wounds, you will be living in fool’s paradise to believe that a handshake and a six-hour talk will mitigate Kenya from Capitalistic and Orwellian oligarchs who assembled wealth from State coffers and are hell-bent on using timbrels to remind you that politics cannot change your life.

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