What next for Dr. Miguna Migunas NRMKe and the Lunga Lunga Liberation Dance?

Kenyan Report Correspondent –


Friday’s announcement by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon.Raila Odinga to work together in uniting the country has caught many by surprise. Many NASA and Jubilee supporters have expressed shock and the curiosity to know the details. However, there is also a sense of optimism among Jubilee supporters while NASA supporters remain skeptical.

Perhaps the greatest disappointment might have come from Dr. Miguna  Miguna, the self-proclaimed NRMKe General. While speaking in Dallas during a stop for his world tour scheduled to take him to major cities in the U.S and London in the United Kingdom, Dr. Miguna expressed shock and disappointment at the lack of structure in President Uhuru and Hon. Raila’s unity talks.

Following the announcement on Friday, the status and the future of the NRMKe remains in Limbo. While its rue that the Dr. Miguna has explained how NRMKe is functionally independent of NASA, to deny that the two are joined at the hip is an understatement.

With Hon.Raila Odinga having made the decision to unite and work with Jubilee to bring unity and progress in the country, Kenyans will be reluctant to embrace confrontation style politics that define NRMKe; rather, they will embrace the dialogue initiative and hope that it works lest one of the parties renegade’s on their part of the bargain.

Additionally, this new development throws in confusion politicians who thrive on hate politics and hardline political stances based on their political persuasions. For now, they will have to wait as the dust settles before they reconsider their positions on the next cause of the Kenyan political dispensation.

It will be interesting to see new political realignments ahead of 2022. As for Miguna Miguna, he will have to reconsider some positions and use the wait and see strategy before he makes pronouncements that will scatter his remaining supporters into different directions.


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