Remaining Options for Him: a Swam of Bees or a Hunter

    The ballot is not a viable option for having the people’s darling be the lawful president. Three consecutive times he’s been denied his rightful victory through a highly secret force which systematically facilitates rigging.

    In 2007, it was a stubborn and shameless broad daylight theft. in 2013 it happened like a quick painless death. In 2017 it happened in ways that exhibited forces of the dark world operating in full authority.

    There are faceless individuals who plan the ascension to presidency. These faceless demons require someone with a fake form of popularity in order to rig them in. The best weapon against such a quorum is eliminating all of their best and viable options.

    A game meat desperado can opt to either direct the deer into a trap with an influenced swam of bees or hire a hunter to shoot it dead.

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