Cactus; the new beauty regiment in town

Women are known to go to all out when it comes to getting that blemish free beautiful face. As such, they will often go to the extent of mixing any and all types of concoction to achieve this seemingly elusive quality.

It is thus comes as no surprise when Nairobi women  are  now scrambling for a scoop of natural oil made from thorny cactus. This is following the unveiling of cactus as a potential source of beauty product by a Nairobi businesswoman.

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Esther Kamau first tried the cactus on her face to erase some spots and after seeing the results she enrolled for short course learn more. According to the businesswoman, a fresh cactus plant contains components that are good supply of vitamins and antioxidants. These, she adds, help in retaining skin moisture.

She gets the great products through mixing cactus with aloe vera and salicylic acid that is mostly used to remove dead skin right before applying the product twice a day on the face.

Skin expert Francis Muga agrees that “cactus has medicinal substance that is good for human skin, it is also flaunted for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties”.

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Written by James Mulanda


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