Fact: Kenya’s Salvation is in the Streets


Jubilee party does not have good plans for Kenya- gospel truth! This is a regime that has sunken the country into massive debts, destroyed the environment, murdered too many innocent civilians, and made the life of ordinary citizens nothing but a series of unending labor pains.

This regime is made of resolute dictators- indisputable reality! Dictatorships often capture every key system that could be used by the crusaders of democracy. These systems include the Judiciary, electoral bodies, the mainstream media, and so on. It is common knowledge that Jubilee has achieved all that; in fact, even exceeding the achievements of the most villainous dictators.

There exists a body of extremely wicked individuals from an outfit Dr. David Ndii calls “Uthamaki.” These individuals are drug dealers, organized criminals, and all sorts of bad things. They owe their origin to the infamous Chatterhouse Bank Scandal- A scandal that revealed heavy money laundering activities in Kenya. The suspects were never arrested and today, they are filthy rich! Don’t take that as simply some humongous wealth. It is wealth that can buy several countries.

It is the Chatterhouse Bank Scandal outfit that rules Kenya through the back door. The members of this group have unbeaten financial power- enough to strike political bargains and buy anyone and any body. It is these people that have captured the state and always interfere with the electoral system. In a nut shell, they will always have their way- rig the elections, kill if need be, to mount their favorite on that presidential sit. These loquacious ‘leaders’ you hear breathing fire are nothing but what the Biblical book of Revelation describes as, “A living image of the 1st beast.”

What then shall Kenyans do? The good news is this “State capture” is not all-consuming. It is like a cancer that has affected only one half of the brain. In such cases, neurosurgeons carry out a procedure called hemispherectomy- the removal of the affected half of the brain. The affected half of Kenya’s brain is the public systems. The unaffected half is the people.

Therefore, it is imperative that all citizens involve in a serious mass action; like it was with Philippines in the 90’s when Marcos the dictator was ousted, and slightly recently in Burkina Faso when Compaore was ousted.

Dictators are beaten in the streets.

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