Revealed: Oparanya & Others Plan A Political Sell Out!


The gubernatorial seat is itself a trap. It comes with some delusion that one is independent of their political parties. This is the kind of a mentality that makes one say to themselves that, “I’ve made it in life.”

This syndrome is what has hit some NASA affiliated governors like Kakamega’s Wycliffe Oparanya. To them, the quest for electoral justice is a waste of time. Also, the countless electoral thefts are a fate that people must accept and live with. Oparanya is caught on tape arguing that Raila Odinga should hang his boots. He ridicules the enigma to perhaps seek spiritual help from the fake Kenyan preachers and Fathers.


Governors like Oparanya have given up in life and must not be allowed to infect the people with pessimism. He might have looted Kakamega to take care of even ten generations after his demise, but that does not make the life of any ordinary citizen any better. He must be rebuked because he is misleading the people. This also calls for citizens to shun every leader who frustrates their quest for electoral justice.

That Oparanya speaks so arrogantly scoffing the struggle for third liberation means all the dormant governors share his opinion. In their disillusionment, everything is about Odinga and they think he is the problem.

When leaders fail to think soberly, the people have no choice but to act on their own. Western Kenya is apparently doomed since all their so-called ethnic warlords have given in to either fear or Jubilee’s bribery. Kenyans from this region must set themselves free from such selfish figures. It all boils down to them and the choice is clear- either fight for their sovereignty without their warlords, or follow their ‘bought’ leaders and suffer world without end.

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