The government to use Bitcoin technology to secure land transactions

The Government is working on a block chain database to deal with land transactions. The bitcoin technology aims to weed out fake title deeds from the land registry. Known as the single source of truth (SSOT), the database will be the primary reference for all land transactions.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru further added that SSOT would ride on a distributed ledger. This  allows for all transactions to have some kind of ‘public witnesses’. A distributed ledger is a  coordinated database across a network spread across multiple sites.

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Task force inauguration

In essence if you sell land, all the institutions in the system back that change of ownership. Mr Mucheru said this during the début of an 11-member taskforce on Distributed Ledgers and Artificial Intelligence.

The taskforce will be led by former ICT Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo and will include Juliana Rotich, co-found of Ushahidi, Stephen Chege, who is Safaricom’s Director of Corporate Affairs, among others.

Ideally, the distributed ledger consists of several computers which see and record any transaction that takes place within the network. As such anyone laying claim to a particular piece of land should be verified through the system.

Furthermore, this will be even more effective through the digitization of all title deeds. The SSOT would extend to verifying ownership of any document including birth certificate, driving license and marriage certificate.

This would go a long way in creating efficiency, transparency and openness especially in the land sector which has been having issues to do with title deeds and land grabbing.


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