Political Horoscope: Kenya Must Go Through a Painful Resistance

    Caption: Did they brave all these for just a show? Where is the zeal? [Photo: Internet]

    By The Big Bill—

    Kenya is in a bad state economically and sociologically. Negative ethnicity is becoming worse by day. The current regime is unapologetically tribal. The nation is sinking into catastrophic debts. The burden on the shoulders of every taxpayer, especially the poor who actually pay taxes, is becoming increasingly unbearable. Drought and famine are striking places least expected. Unresolved conflicts have piled up and continue to do so each day.

    The cause of all this is quite obvious- Jubilee government. Most of the sociological and economic problems this state is currently facing never existed until Jubilee came into power through evil subtlety. The national debts, the negative ethnicity, embezzlement of public funds and so on are all a creation of Jubilee Administration.

    Anyone who is serious about saving this country should talk about ejecting this regime from power by any means necessary. Each unborn baby owes foreign countries 100K shillings- they are born into and inherit servitude. This parallels the historical slavery of Africans except that there are no slave caravans moving around.

    The leadership of the country is determined by a few filthy rich evil people. They choose their fellow thieves to protect their illegal activities. That is why; the ruling party is convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that it will win the 2022 presidential elections. This party is comprised of expert Satanists who have mastered the art of deception and winning any elections through wicked means.

    No diplomacy except forcefully ejecting this government shall save Kenyans from its ferocity. Politicians like Kalonzo, Mudavadi, and Wetangula must not be taken seriously. Such politicians are always lynched by serious citizens! Hassan Joho must also realize that winning presidential elections in Kenya is not anything close to winning a parliamentary seat or a gubernatorial one. He can’t just beat the electoral thieves.

    The Orange Democratic Movement must become serious and abandon the decade-old tricks which have constantly failed terribly. The “Baba is always right” mantra must now be criticized and weighed carefully. 2022 is another big political sell out by whoever participates in it- ODM or Jubilee! The choice is clear- mass action, civil disobedience, and ruthless resistance.

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