Resistance & Civil Disobedience- The Sole Elixir of Democracy for Kenya

By The Big Bill—

Miguna Miguna: Stop running. Arm yourself. Stand your ground. Fight back. [Photo: Internet]
Jubilee is a rogue, undemocratic, inhumane, demonic, and retrogressive regime. Since its first government, it has done nothing but laden Kenyans with heavy debts. While the first Eurobond still remains a mystery, the same regime has already burdened Kenyans with another 323 billion shillings- the second version of Eurobond. What Kenyans are up against is a stubborn dictatorship. The only weapon that destroys autocracy of this magnitude is a combination of a serious civil disobedience and a ruthless resistance.

Jubilee regime is a child of The Kikuyu Philosophy which states that “The household’s oil must never be applied on a foreigner’s skin.” That they fallaciously believe only they fought for the independence of this country, means they also consider the government their house, and this country their property with which they do whatever they please. All lucrative and juicy positions in the government and corporate Kenya are occupied by this misguided community. This whole injustice started when Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, out of the goodness of heart, refused to be crowned president until the deceptive Kenyatta was released. Tragically, he again let that founder of tribalism and land grabbing be the president instead.

What Kenyans are going through is akin to what the Indians went through in colonial America. Tecumseh, an ancient Indian leader told his people, “We are friends; we must assist each other to bear our burdens. The blood of many of our fathers and brothers has run like water on the ground, to satisfy the avarice of the white men. We, ourselves, are threatened with a great evil; nothing will pacify them but the destruction of all the red men.” The red men parallel Kenyans while the White men parallel Muthamaki. What Raila Odinga and his outfit ought to tell Kenyans is only this which Tecumseh says eloquently, “My people are brave and numerous, but the white people are too strong for them alone. I wish you to take up the tomahawk with them. If we all unite, we will cause the rivers to stain the great waters with their blood.” The ODM Party should better be forming a serious resistance. 2022 is no option. That election has already been won by someone Kenyans don’t like.

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