The Love Affair between Jubilee and Mediocrity

The Jubilee Covenant Ring: allegiance to party and mediocrity

By The Big Bill—

The Jubilee appointments in every field exhibit certain protuberant hideous characteristics. All the appointees cannot qualify to get into any public office in a serious nation. These appointments are all tribal but the criteria used in the same go far beyond that. There’s more than that which meets the eye in Jubilee’s hiring. Consider the following two cases.

Moral Decadence
Recently, in Australia, a sexual scandal engulfed the deputy prime minister with the leader of National Party. Malcom Turnbull, Australia’s Prime Minister in response banned sexual relationships between ministers and their staff. While that is happening in countries Kenya claims to emulate, the government here is still condoning the likes of Farida Karoney, whose nakedness is no longer a secret but part of some sexual museum on the internet. These are the people Jubilee sees as ‘best fits’ for ministerial positions. This is not only unprofessional but also dangerous to the morality of Kenya’s young generation.

Functional Illiteracy
While one may claim that gubernatorial seats are elective, they actually are not, especially in Jubilee counties of interests! Voters are duped and manipulated to elect party favorites even when they are incapable of delivering. The gubernatorial positions require an academically competent individual, organized and endowed with polished managerial skills. Ferdinand Waititu, the man who was imposed on the residents of Kiambu County as governor, is a man with little or no education at all. Forget about his claims of studying in India- those are just that, claims! Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who was imposed on City residents as governor is significantly disadvantaged intellectually. These are two economically important counties yet Jubilee prefers academically and managerially handicapped people to lead them.

The Jubilee appointees are mostly corrupt individuals, thugs, goons, drug dealers and irresponsible people. The party itself is a crooked outfit. The question is why is Jubilee Administration obsessed with crooks and morons?

A corrupt regime cannot operate with people of integrity. They use people on whom the defunct 8-4-4 education system has properly worked; such that they lack the power to ask questions. This is an outfit on which the state always has something which it uses as a thumbscrew. That this administration recruits and recycles crooked individuals means the system is greatly compromised. The stench in it cannot permit the bosses to open the door for clean people except for the garbage collectors.

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