Mt Kenya Mafia: Kenya’s Gupta Family

Humphrey giving Kenyatta Millions of shillings in the guise of a donation [Photo: Internet]

By The Big Bill—

The name Gupta owes its popularity to South Africa. It is an Indian born South African family- the Guptas. This family moved from India to South Africa shortly before the latter’s independence. It has stayed there ever since accumulating vast wealth and property illegally.

The Guptas became so powerful that they actually controlled the government of South Africa. They determined who got elected or appointed into public offices. The public became suspicious of them after the economy started sinking under Jacob Zuma’s administration, and a close tie had been established between Zuma and the Guptas. They were actually colonizing South Africa and Zuma was perceived to be their chief Colonial Administrator.

The same thing has been happening in Kenya since independence (in Kenyan style). The Mount Kenya Community-acquired a lot of wealth immediately after independence. They utilized the outrageous opportunism of Jomo Kenyatta’s selfish presidency. Kenyatta himself acquired large tracks of land and accumulated vast wealth through dubious means and formed the “Untouchable Kenyatta Family.”
Soon after came the Moi Empire which saw a few individuals become billionaires in an overnight; the Nicholas Biwott outfit. These formed a dictatorship that controlled and influenced the government in totality. The current oppressive and retrogressive regime is also the work of this empire.

Then there came the Charterhouse Bank Money Laundering which featured Humphrey Kariuki. It’s no coincidence that Kariuki owns an unrealistic amount of wealth in what seems like a one-man job. This scandal featured a good number of Indians too. This is also where the prominent Indian-owned companies like Bidco and the fallen Nakumatt trace their roots. Last year, President Kenyatta recognized Indians as a tribe in Kenya- the Zuma and Gupta style.

Chris Kirubi once asked for NASA to dialogue with the government [Photo: Internet]

Also, there is Chris Kirubi, a Kikuyu, who owns close to half of Kenya and has no clear, logical explanation of how he came into possession of such vast wealth. He openly expresses his interests in the presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Kenyan Guptas is a conglomeration of Kikuyus and rogue immigrant traders like Indians. To protect their illegally acquired wealth, they apparently fund the government campaigns in exchange for 90% positions for Kikuyus in public offices. This outfit has captured Kenya and is itself a shadow government. They are colonizing Kenya. They determine who the president becomes and use the person as their chief Colonial Administrator.

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