Founding Fathers: The Fault in the Stars of Africans

Jomo Kenyatta: The founder of retrogression in Kenya. [Photo: Internet]

By The Big Bill—

Charity begins at home and so it is only right that this expository article starts with Kenya. The so-called “Founding Father,” Mzee Jomo Kenyatta set Kenyans up! He set precedences that are continuing to chew the dreams of many Kenyans even today. The existing negative ethnicity is his doing. He even founded toxic feminism. For instance, he encouraged women to acquire and own tracks of land without the knowledge of their husbands. Now you know why many Kikuyu (Kenyatta’s community) women murder their husbands to take away their wealth. The current land menace existing at the Coast is also his doing. He grabbed people’s pieces of land for himself and promised the owners settlement in other peoples’ plots at the coast- deceit!

The existing fallacy that only a Kikuyus can be president is an idea this Mzee engrossed in the hearts of his people through a cult activity. He turned his community into a dangerous sect which betrays every other citizen and murders them just to get the top seat. Kenyatta did not even deserve the presidency. One of the CIA reports on Kenyatta reveals that he obtained his wealth through dubious means. That he did that means the wealth can only be sustained through dubious means. You can only imagine what his son is doing to ‘clean’ the family wealth. That precedence led to the existing embezzlement of public funds by elected leaders. He set a bad example.

Nelson Mandela: The founder of retrogression in South Africa. [Photo: South Africa]

South Africa still has cases of racism today. In fact, these cases are just like they were during the pre-Mandela period except that they are now digitized. The “Founding Father” Nelson Mandela compromised the dignity of the blacks in the name of “forgiveness.” He should have stood firm to bury racism completely. Instead of stepping aside shortly after independence, he should have established a precedent that would have made South Africa “wholly” black. Look at the whites- they are not ‘forgiving’ anyone, they’re making America first! Right now, the whites own South Africa. Black inventors are getting murdered and their inventions stolen by white people. Mandela wasted South Africa and is overrated.

Julius Nyerere: the founder of retrogression in Tanzania. [Photo: Internet]

Julius Nyerere of Tanzania is another overrated “Founding Father” who wasted his country. This man ran the country on the basis of some socialism experiment, “Ujamaa.” In his experimental philosophy, people were coerced to move from their homelands to the places the government dictated. This man destabilized Tanzanians and reduced peasants to abjectly poor people. He slowed down progress development and progress. He put Tanzania in reverse gear. That explains the weak Tanzanian currency.

The list of these overrated agents of failure and retrogression called “Founding Fathers’ can go on and on. The fact, however, is that they wasted all their countries. Some colluded with the colonialists to sell their people out and they turned into anti-development dictators. Their statues should be brought down, their faces removed from the currencies, their history is untaught, and their names on any building, public institution or street be erased completely. They are responsible for the current nightmare facing black children.

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