Kenya: Government Tells Citizens “Vaya Con Dios” Through The Tribal Appointments.

By The Big Bill—

George Strait’s “Easy Come Easy Go” is quite relatable to the polygamous marriage between the Kenyan government and the forty plus tribes. In the song, George says “Says she’s had enough of me, I’ve had enough of her too. I might as well go on and set her free.” This line seems to be what President Kenyatta has adopted to show all Kenyans who are not members of his tribe the middle finger. The key government appointments in various sectors have been allocated to people from Kikuyu Community, Kenyatta’s tribe. These people are the ones that call shots and no matter from what tribe their juniors come, everything will be in the interests of their community.

The cries for secession that many Kenyans seem to have embraced are apparently making Kenyatta show them the door. The massively tribal appointments by the president are adding insult to the injury of exclusivity that citizens are struggling to nurse. Some communities have been hit with exclusivity so hard that when one of their members is appointed Board Member of a Kindergarten, they celebrate.

The truth, however, is that in a rotten system like the current regime, any non-Kikuyu appointee is always a puppet of the government. They are placed there to do its bidding, clean its stolen money, and legitimize the shameless facade which brought it to power. They are like dummies that display cheap “Mitumba” clothes to swindle unsuspecting buyers. In this case, they are government’s toys used to sell cheap PR to lure ignorant Kenyans who are too desperate to belong to the apparently unbeatable government.

Now that the government has hinted to the excluded communities that, “It is okay you can secede now. We don’t need you. We are fed up with you. Go with God,” why don’t these counties start massive civil disobedience? Why don’t they stop endearing themselves to a cheating partner who doesn’t care? Why don’t they get behind Raila Odinga and found the People’s Assembly once and for all? Why don’t they claim back their sovereignty?

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