REVEALED: The United States is plotting on Odinga’s Life.

US Ambassador, Bob Godec, who told Odinga to acknowledge Kenyatta if he wanted peace.

By The Big Bill—

The United States is notorious for meddling in other countries’ electoral processes. To sustain the perception that it is the world’s Super Power. The US chooses weak leaders for the countries that naively welcome her diplomats. This, they do with the aim of swindling the victim states out of their resources. Also, the US works with such regimes to the extent of eliminating opposition figures. That the US has a sophisticated intelligence network should also be seen as a sophisticated assassination network. As far as trust is concerned, history doesn’t favor the Americans. These are selfish individuals who will come to your country, rob you of your resources, support an oppressive regime and kill your hopes that rest in the opposition by assisting the state to assassinate the opposition leaders.

Patrice Lumumba—assassinated by the Americans in 1961

Robert Franc Godec, alias Bob Godec, the current US Ambassador to Kenya has been grossly interfering with Kenya’s internal affairs. He is acting on direct orders from the White House. Jubilee as an administration is too weak to tell Godec what to do. Therefore, he is implementing the US plans of re-colonizing Kenya.

The swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President was backed by tens of millions of Kenyans. The event was actually a reflection of what the country wants and so her sovereignty which the US is using Jubilee to deny her. The US State Department reached out to the Sabotage Engineer, Kalonzo Musyoka, and his co-conspirators Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula. The cowardly trio was threatened with sanctions and coerced to skip Odinga’s inauguration. The mission was to disgrace the enigma, but, he had the people and their faith in him was further solidified on that day.

Jubilee government can neither arrest nor assassinate Odinga openly. This country revolves around the enigma. Make no mistake; however, because there is a third party at play too- The US through Bob Godec. Trusted sources close to the US Embassy in Kenya indicate that there is an on-going plot on Odinga’s life. The US is apparently taking the initiative to do that which Jubilee can’t accomplish on its own- getting rid of the NASA President completely. They are working on a sophisticated accident and/or poisoning. Besides, it won’t be the first time America assassinates an opposition leader in a country it has a lot of interests in. It has had such dirty operations in Nicaragua and also had a hand in the assassination of DRC’s Patrice Lumumba. At such a time as this when the US diplomat engages in gross interference of Kenyan democracy only the worst can be expected of him and his country.

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