Is a political alliance cooking between Gideon Moi and Dr. Alfred Mutua?

By Viscount Francis K’Owuor—

There is a famous Igbo proverb that says that if you see a toad running in the daytime, it is not for nothing. Either something is after its life, or it is after something. On the 7th of February, the Governor of Machakos Dr. Alfred Mutua posted on his social media page photos of him and Baringo County, Senator Gideon Moi. The caption on the photos was “With Senator Gideon Arap Moi comparing notes on the state of the Nation and the future of Kenya”. The long-day meeting took place at an undisclosed place with no media officials allowed.

In the recent past, Dr. Mutua also met former President Daniel Arap Moi at his Kabarnet home in Baringo. All these have been happening alongside heightened political activity by Mutua as he rejuvenated his Maendeleo Chap Chap party in order to consolidate his support. It is an open secret that Mutua has been working overtime to dethrone Kalonzo Musyoka as the Kamba linchpin. He has also announced his presidential bid for 2022.

On his part, Senator Gideon Moi has been lying low, especially after he dropped his bid for the 2017 presidential contest and instead led KANU into a partnership with the Jubilee party to aid Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection for the second and last term. Unless some serious political realignment takes place between now and 2022, Moi will certainly be on the ballot as a presidential candidate, hence the suspicion that they could be working on some alliance with Dr. Mutua.

The candidacy of Moi is one hot political matter that continues to shape the politics of succession, especially in the Rift Valley. In a conspiracy to protract the Kenyatta and Moi dynasties, a section of political elites from the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities have been frantically trying to implement a common plan designed by former president Moi to cause the presidency to rotate among Kenyatta and Moi families. It must be remembered that Moi promised to extend Kenyatta’s legacy when he took over following his death in 1978, a political approach which consequently gave him the Nyayo label.

Interestingly, despite having to be steadfast in his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto continues to get signals from a section of politicians from Central Kenya that is meant to communicate that their support will not be automatic. Deputy Ruto remains to be the stumbling block in the implementation of Moi’s common plan. How the rivalry for power will shape up between him and Senator Gedion Moi will form the bull’s eye for the 2022 general election.
Whether Dr. Mutua is politically competent enough to be the Moi’s running mate is still too early to say. Especially with the insistence of Kalonzo Musyoka to stay and active in politics and possibly make another stab at the presidency in 2022. Either way, succession politics has begun in earnest.

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