Drought-Stricken Cape Town Gets Reprieve From Rainfall

The Editor—

Drought-stricken Cape Town received rainfall this past week. This is after over three years of less than reliable water levels. In addition, there was also the dreaded looming Day Zero because of the tough situation in the town.

In a bid to conserve the precious resource, the residents of the city have been under orders to save water meticulously to avoid the city’s taps running dry. There is a very real chance that Cape Town will simply run out of the water. Earlier on this year, the local authorities slashed residents’ water allowance to 50 liters each a day. Aspects taken into consideration with regards to the same include a very short shower and just one flush of the toilet as well as a load of laundry on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately enough for the residents, the light shower will most likely not lift the city’s water woes. They have been keenly watching the set date for Day Zero by authorities for close to a year now. The onset of Day Zero will see taps switched off to private homes. As such, residents will have to go to collection points for rationed water. Luckily, instead of the projected April “Day Zero” is projected to arrive on 11 May. Nonetheless, this has been attributed to farmers around the city who have been using less water, not the light showers are presumed.

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