Special Task Force Set Up In New Bid To Arrest NASA Leaders

By Nita Karume—

High-level security agencies have been enlisted to further intensify the Jubilee crackdown on NRM movement. According to media sources, the agencies are to come up with a new strategy to be used in further agitating those who took part in the January 30 ceremony at Uhuru Park.

The sources familiar to such operations further reveal that the plan will include the use of special elite teams. These will acquire search warrants which will not only be used to raid the homes of the opposition leaders but also disparagingly using as much force as possible to cause maximum damage. One would say sort of what transpired at the Miguna residence before his deportation.

The task force will allegedly involve a team of at least 20 police officers drawn from the Flying Squad as well as the Special Crimes. What’s more, elements of the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit are also said to be involved.

The elite Flying Squad unit is currently being reconstituted but Mr. Said Kiprotich is leading the operations. Politician Miguna Miguna named Mr. Kiprotich and a Chief Inspector Njoroge as among those who were behind his arrest. The officers, who come in at least six Subaru vehicles, have the leeway to take those arrested to far-flung police stations. Mr. Miguna, for example, was taken to Githunguri and Lari police stations in Kiambu County, among others, despite being arrested in Nairobi.

According to Mr. Said Kiprotich who is said to be leading the Flying Squad, they have already identified the Nairobi homes targeted for arrests. He goes on to add that they also have intricate house plans with which they will be able to traverse the houses once inside during a raid. Mr. Kiprotich goes on to clarify that the whole idea behind it all is to cause discomfort to the said NASA leaders.

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