Miguna’s Passport Was Illegal— Police Reports

By Nita Karume—

Lawyer Miguna Miguna was deported because he had an illegal Kenyan passport. This is according to senior government officials. As per an issued court order, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti and Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa filed affidavits explaining why Miguna was deported.

The police officers then proceeded to provide excuses with regards to Miguna failing to turn up in court. Boinnet, for instance, says he was scheduled to attend a National Security Council meeting on the day the judge required him to turn up in court. Kihalagwa on the other side says he was not a party to the court proceedings and so he was not aware of any orders curtailing him in his duties.

Furthermore, according to Boinnet, his presence at the courts would have been useless, seeing as Miguna had been produced before a court of law with competent jurisdiction. The police boss further says he was informed by the DCI that Miguna was later arrested by Immigration officers. Kihalangwa in his affidavit says sometimes in 1987, Miguna applied for a Kenyan passport to enable him to travel to Havana, Cuba. This was with a purpose to attend the Congress of International Union of Students (IUS) and the World Student Conference as a student leader.

However, according to him, the application was rejected. He further goes on to add that Miguna wrote again to the Kenya High Commissioner in Ottawa five years later requesting him to intervene and issue him with a Kenyan passport.

Kihalangwa goes on to clarify that in the letter Miguna stated that he fled the country in 1998 as a political refugee and that he traveled to Canada without a Kenyan passport since he requested for one and had been denied in 1987. In support of their claims, Kihalangwa says a Kenyan passport was illegally issued to Miguna in 2009 when he made another application in 2009.

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