REVEALED: Miguna Miguna Is and Is Not!

Miguna Miguna: The most lethal general in the history of Civil Disobedience.

By The Big Bill——

Miguna Miguna was the perfect embodiment of civil disobedience and defiance. He was an intelligent and reckless man- a trait of a fierce general. He was what one would call ‘Bugsy Siegel’ of Meyer Lansky’s mob in the 1940’s Bootlegging Empire in the US.

Siegel never waited to think or figure things out. Once they were attacked, there was no strategy except opening fire and fighting back right there. While all this seemed reckless, he always made the best general of Lansky’s men. In fact, his recklessness never killed him. It was an effective and necessary recklessness. That is what Miguna was in NASA camp- a man who got things done. While NASA didn’t recognize Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency, Miguna was vehement on that stand and couldn’t hesitate to tell Kenyatta to his face that he was an illegitimate president.

Arrests similar to that which led to Miguna’s are not whole new phenomena in the history of politics in the world. The historic one remains to be the crackdown Iranian government did in 1988 on opposition leaders. Politicians who belonged to People’s Mujahedin of Iran were executed in prisons and the government had excuses through which the murders were covered up. The relation to Kenya is that The People’s Mujahedin of Iran is a version of NASA’s People’s Assembly.

One notable event in the Iranian assassinations is that the murders began with an isolation of the prisoners from the world. Also, the murders were based on labeling the prisoners as ‘enemies of Islam’ and so development. These words have often filled public speeches by key Kenyan government officials. Key NASA officials say they have not seen Miguna since Friday, and his lawyer and doctor were reportedly denied access to him. Circulating information has it that Miguna had had an asthmatic attack and was left unattended. Was this made up by the police just like the Iranian government in 1988?

King Solomon in his wisdom said, “Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before…” Believe him. Dictators borrow notes. Miguna Miguna is and is not.

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