The Evil Trinity in NASA: Kalonzo, Wentangula, and Mudavadi

The evil trinity in a scheme to destroy Kenya. [Photo: Dennis Kavisu]

By The Big Bill—

Kalonzo Musyoka, the self -proclaimed Kamba Kingpin who doubles up as NASA Co-principal is a perfect embodiment of cowardice. Like every other coward on earth, this man has a vast wealth of excuses which he uses to cover up his premeditated shortcomings. Sandwiched between the cowardice and excuses is a rich history of betrayal. The quest for democracy in Kenya did not start with National Super Alliance that was just formed recently. This fight started all the way back in the year 2005 with The Referendum which yielded Orange Democratic Movement, ODM. Between the years 2005 and 2007 Kalonzo better known to Kenyans as Watermelon, first betrayed Odinga and formed his party ODM Kenya. Mwai Kibaki rigged the 2007 presidential elections and Kalonzo craftily earned the Vice President through ODM Kenya which he got by sabotaging the original ODM. This was an early manifestation of a self-centered politician. He, however, has not been acting alone. He has two other frail politicians who are just like him. These are Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula.

Jubilee party, the anti-democracy party, is backed by powerful people in corporate Kenya. Most of these individuals deal with illegal activities. Therefore, they have invested a lot in seeing that the president comes from their tribes or a friendly one for that matter. These individuals are looting Kenya dry. Knowing that Odinga’s presidency would mean their end, they are willing to do anything to keep their favorite in power even if it means resurrecting Chris Msando whom they brutally murdered and kill once more. Nevertheless, the US government is the current co-colonial power under which Kenya lives. The other one is China who owns almost a half of Kenya in terms of debts. The US, in particular, are using Kenyan soldiers to extract terrorism-related intelligence to protect not Africa but America. This country is also aware that Odinga presidency as opposed to meddling with the terror group Al Shabaab unnecessarily, as they have done. They would, therefore, do anything to keep Kenyatta, their friend, and business partner, in power at the expense of Kenya’s democracy.

Late last year, having foreseen these technical difficulties, President Odinga saw it wise to have himself sworn in as the People’s President. The main objective was to have the people have self-determination through the constitutionally provided for People’s Assembly. Kalonzo Musyoka became a hindrance because, according to him, he was nursing his sick wife in Germany. This, the people bought. On January 30th again, Kalonzo failed to turn up for the swearing in. His excuse was “My wife is sick” story. At this point one is compelled to ask, was it really being stuck with his sick wife in Germany that stopped him from being sworn in last year or is there something else? When put under pressure, the coward came up with a new excuse which blamed Jubilee for withdrawing his security and detaining him together with his co-conspirators, Mudavadi and Wetangula.

The US ambassador to Kenya, Bob Godec is a very corrupt man. He even lied to the US Government that he needed $ 100,000 to teach Kenyan farmers how to use Facebook! That Odinga’s presidency poses a risk to his corrupt deals means he reached out to the evil trinity; Kalonzo, Mudavadi, and Wetangula after his attempts to ask the firm Odinga to back down failed terribly. The true enemy of democracy in Kenya is these three characters who keep dragging President Odinga backward. Wetangula and Mudavadi have been referring to NASA as The Opposition and not an existing parallel government for the people and by the people. The three culprits are not in NASA. President Odinga is only protecting them from lynching and perhaps giving them a grace period to redeem themselves!

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