EXPOSED: The Mainstream Media Switch Off Is Stage-Managed

Linus Kaikai, Nation Media Group CEO & Senior Actor.

By The Big Bill,
January 30, 2018,

The mainstream media in Kenya is married to the Kenyan government. The two are a happy couple. The media has always been loyal to her husband the government from the very time it was formed in 2013. From the very beginning of the now risen political temperatures, the mainstream media has always treated NASA events with contempt. It is, in fact, the headquarters of fake news in the country. Jubilee is a crafty party and being a faithful husband to her wife the mainstream media, he couldn’t dare risk making his wife lose the firm ground of spreading lies on behalf of her husband which she has firmly established. They took a calculated risk of colluding with the editors and CEOs to have them allow CAK to switch them off, and then behave as if they have been offended. None of this is true- Kenyan journalists are the best actors on earth!

Kenyans must not buy the lie that the media houses are mourning because of the blackout. The CEOs and journalists of these media houses are all happy that they have been saved from the wrath of NASA which could have easily reduced their viewership and so lose government advertisement tenders. The alleged statehouse meeting in which Uhuru Kenyatta ordered media houses not to air today’s NASA Swearing in doesn’t hold water. The contradictions between Kamau and Kaikai, senior officials of Editors Guild, as regards the false statehouse meeting tell it all. Someone did not master the script. Linus Kaikai is playing an angel. He is acting. Here is the truth, wherever that meeting happened, all the media houses agreed to give Odinga swearing in a blackout. Having perceived the consequences, they changed their minds and decided to manipulate Kenyans’ psychology with this crazy jumping on and off various internet channels!

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