Books: Why You And Your Ex Didn’t Work-Out

By Nita Karume,
January 31, 2018,

Which was the last book you read? And I mean cover to cover. Or maybe I should ask when was the last time you even held a reading material in your hands? And no, restaurant menus do not count. There is something about reading. More so, about a person who reads. The dying breed that they are. Furthermore, with the advent of the smartphone cum millennial and or meme generation, one can only assume that we could as well be extinct. But, do not take my word for it.

Still not convinced?
A reader never runs out of ideas in a conversation. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that the knowledge they have gathered from reading books only makes the conversation a lot more interesting. And informative. That’s why you and your ex-didn’t talk much save for sending GIFs and emojis in place of conversing with meaningful words.
Other than how you partner treats the staff at a restaurant, his/her book choices could very well reveal a side to them you were not privy to. This is actually easier and more effective compared to watching how they treat others if you ask me. But then again, you’d rather go ‘Netflix and chill’- hence your ex.

Arguments are healthy, but only to some extent. As couples, someone (read Google) may have led you to believe that you only grow stronger once you have had that first fight and aired out your differences. Riddle me this; isn’t that why you have exes? See, a reader is more open-minded; they can entertain ideas or reject them, all the while maintaining their own. Agree to disagree. But that is what you get for choosing a partner to whom books are alien.

Finally, readers are much nicer, and smarter than the average human. And yes, there is proof. The reader will speak to you, not talk like your exes did. He will not just get you, he will understand you. Too bad you only look for those who ‘get’ you.

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